About Us

Pettamera Co.

2015 was the born of an idea of social app for animals/pets. August 2016 launch of Pettamera Co.

We at Pettamera are not engineers, we do not belong to any MNC, we do not have degree from any world greatest institutes neither we are born in rich families. So who we are? & what Pettamera really is?

We are just animal lovers, who came up with the idea to give voice to our speechless friend’s, voice to communicate, be social, and make new friends around the world. Pettamera does exactly the same. If humans can do that, why not them?

Our Team:

We don’t have any team. It is a creation of just one person named Harnish Mehta who is a MBA graduate but degree is useless for him. More important he is a dreamer. He do not belong to rich family then also he went spending thousands of dollars in making this app with a motive to give animal lovers, pet owners , photographers something that they can show, share, enjoy, cherish & celebrate with their furry friends.

Like we said before we do not have any team yet, but we do have support of IT firm called "Eastern Techno Solutions"in making this app.

Our Mission:

Every family in the world should adopt or take care of at least one stray animal around them. This will not only help them but also make our surrounding & life worth living. We deeply believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s words “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.